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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 15, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm MST

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all new today on "right this minute" -- a woman plunges on to the tracks at a train station. just not paying attention. how fellow commuters try to save her from what's headed her way. >> oh! hey, guys. we have a new drop-off -- >> a back-to-school message for >> there's always one person who doesn't do it right. >> the viral video guide to the dos and don'ts. >> that's annoying. don't do that. a police officer tries to help a skunk with something on its head. >> partner's getting a good laugh out of it. >> see if this brave lady can finally pull it off. plus, your step by step to hot brownies. and these girls are about to see somebody who's been gone --
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>> the surprise reunion that's right around the corner. >> mommy ?? you need a bit more -- in your day? these videos should do the job. the first is from melbourne, australia. keep an eye on the lady in the white sweater. way past the yellow safety line. you see as people rush up and grab her arms and legs, pull her back on to the platform. like she wasn't paying attention. described, as well, the person is just not paying attention. >> the good things is it looks like she was able to stand up, and they were able to pull her. or she would have been in a world of trouble. >> fortunately she was able to escape. we head over to colombia where this crane is helping to lift up a huge concrete barrier. there's another crane right next to where we are. and everything's going according
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>> oh, my gosh! it barely missed those workers! >> yeah. well spotted, christian. you see, these guys are standing right there. as the crane starts to tip off, these guys are left with only the option of either getting crushed or jumping into the valley. fortunately, as it falls, at the last minute it pulls it a bit further out. and you see how close it was to crusng [ crashing sounds ] this rescue very intense. you see that little things off in the distance? it's stuck in a cup. it's a skunk!
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pepe la pew. >> who is he going after, yogurt, tuna? >> a mcflurry. >> i think i've been in that same predicament. >> these cops spot it. they're here to protect and serve even a skunk! oh, get away! get away -- dude! >> every time it turns, she's in the line of fire. >> yeah. >> i can't stop. >> of course, they're cracking up watching this go down. >> the partner's getting a really good laugh out of this. >> i can't stop. >> this skunk also has its head caught. >> now you got to run because that things is ready to spray. look at the tail. >> back is arched like i'm ready to fire. >> you okay, little guy? >> it's funny when the cup comes off, he's like -- >> right.
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bushes. all is well. >> you okay? you okay? for some it is back-to-school time. parents, rejoice. there's one thing parents d't rejoice about. that's the drop-off section where parents drive in and drop their kids off because there's always one person who doesn't do it right. >> guys, we have a new drop-off procedure at the elementary school. based on my experience this morning, it's a little confusing. i thought i'd make an informational video so everybody can get on the same page. >> beth mason has this extremely high-tech steps of the drop-off procedure. >> you won't believe how many people can't get it right. >> what's jamming things up? >> common sense is not present. why are people not going to the front? there's six spaces, but they'll go to number six. >> that's what beth addresses. i had to do it a few times -- go
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>> using paper clips, she demonstrates the right way and the wrong way. >> we're going to drive in, and whatever cars are in front of you, you stop and let your kid out. >> she says it's okay if your kids have to walk from the end of the drive-thru lane to the school. >> 15 feet. >> if you pull in, it makes sense. we'll drop our kids at the door. that's annoying. don't do that. >> i'd be dropping them a block or two away because i wouldn't want t school. >> your kids would want you to drop them a couple of blocks away. >> we'll walk all the way, dad. we don't need to get in the car -- >> it's okay because they have legs and can walk. you might say, beth, i want to watch my kid walk into the building. do you know what you're going to do? park your car -- >> yes! >> somewhere else, and you can walk them to the building, and then you can watch them the whole way. >> there you go. back-to-school time. very easy.
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because i know we can do. -- we can do it. this is fascinating and slightly sad, yet really cool to see. check out that enormous tree. the majority of the video shot by a perspective. arborists with the rope up and over. they start the lead rope to >> when you see the person climbing, you get a perspective of how big the tree is. >> that's the question, how big is the tree? >> the tree which is more than just a tree, it's famous in canada. it's known as big lonely doug. big lonely doug is 216 feet tall, more than 12-foot diameter at its largest. it's the second largest douglas fir in canada. this particular one found on
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that whole area around it was clearcut in 2012, and that's the idea of this video -- to bring attention to the process of clearcutting. the canada government still allows it. and the arborial collective and ancient forest alliance are trying to sign petitions to protect trees like this, to protect ancient growth forests because they're so important to the global ecosystem. >> i'm watching, and there's nothing you can do. people are doing this legally. >> there is something you can do. you can petition at or visit the website at ?? get ready for an all-new pokemon go experience. >> you get to play pokemon go with grandma? that's awesome. >> find out if they'll be trading in knitting needles for the love of the game. >> aww. >> yeah. pokemon. [ laughter ] ??
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>> your ear? >> putting ear wax candles to test and watch things get really weird. >> three, two, one -- ew. what is that? >> should you do a taste test? verify? sending your kids to school with an allergy medicine that may make them drowsy, and doesn't even last the whole day? children's claritin provides non-drowsy, 24-hour allergy relief. and it's the #1 pediatrician-recommended non-drowsy brand. let your kids live claritin clear. now in bubblegum flavor. every coconut has a dream. its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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gold bond? powder spray with a manly scent. closed captioning provided by -- new gold bond? men's powder spray controls odor, wetness... smells irresistible. stay cool. if you thought that teaching your grandmother to play pokemon was hard -- >> hola. >> you should see what it's like teaching this grandma to play. [ speaking spanish ] >> that's what these guys did.
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>> pikachu. >> bueno. >> the grandkids have been playing around. she heard of it. one figured out, oh, that's what they've been doing. but now they have to learn the game so they can play it. >> how fun, to play pokemon go with grandma! awesome. >> totes awesome! now they're setting it up -- >> 47 minutes to log on. >> yeah. >> grandma in the middle couldn't get her birthday. she's like, it only goes back as far as my wedding date. >> the app. it gives old people a great excuse to get outside. >> it's not strenuous. the hardest part is working a
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mom. i'm inspired now. >> i love you. if this video doesn't get your adrenaline going, i don't know what will. you're in a boat, seven people. class-four rapids. this is a river, and the video was posted in chile. >> keep going! keep going! swimmer! >> man overboard. watch, everybody was paying attention. everybody got in on it. >> hang on! >> they rescued him. you the adventure. check this out. they're in a canyon, and they're close to the side. somebody else falls out. >> oh! >> this time the person with the camera. >> that's why he did it. every time i've done it you end up in the water. there's a rush, it's scary. when you get in, you're like, i survived. >> you expect it. >> yeah. >> rescued easily. >> see how it's a catch boat? you get in the middle, i'll pull you in. cool. let's drop it down a notch.
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nobody fell off. they woke up and realized one of the kayaks is missing. they found it. one guy bravely takes a rope, jumps in, and swims to it. >> rescuing a kayak. >> rescued a kayak. >> now they've got to pull him in. [ laughter ] >> just go full -- >> there's nothing you can do. >> kayak pulling, a new sport for the 2020 >> they're men. we're just children. >> the kayak is successfully home. what's inside your ear? some of us have wax stuck in there. there's a popular process called candling that claims to take the ear wax out of your ear, to clean your ears out. our friend, sean, from the youtube channel and his friends and ours see what's inside, they tested this whole things out. dan and lincoln went and bought
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like. >> they stick one of these wax candles in his ear. they put a plate around the bottom of it. light it, and the idea is you hold it 45 degrees, and that wax, the warm, hot air is supposed to draw the wax out. does it work or not? the fda says nah. >> all i feel is regret. >> after sean goes, they get a bunch of people in the station, sean's work space, to get it. includg inside. he turns off the lights to make it more romantic. ?? >> falling everywhere. >> there's a couple of close calls with hot when we come back and fire near people's hair. once the candles burn down, this is what it's about. what's inside. let's find out. >> what is that? >> they cut the candles open and start finding these dark balls of oozing grossness. that things is like a worm of wax.
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isn't it? >> cut open one of the candle that's hasn't been burned. that's what i'd say. >> that's the trick. that's what the guys at once inside do. and there's a debate because they did cut one open that hadn't been stuffed in an ear. they found a similar substance inside. so there's some theory going on that maybe it's just some bees wax inside these candles, and it's leading you to think it's drawing out gobs of earwax. >> that mean the rest that sn added more crap? >> did anybody do a taste test to verify? >> dang, gayle. >> if you think it works for you, great. but there's definitely some debate. the future olympic sport -- >> a little bit of gymnastics and diving. >> watch this -- >> whoa!
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justice is spelled b-o-x. say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ? oh, i'm tied to this chair! ? dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up.
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my rough and bumpy skin makes me fe promotionalel consideration provided by -- skin therapy. used daily, it reduces bumps 72%. gold bond. used daily, it reduces bumps 72%. arcfor something that finally relieves your pain, new icyhot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. it's so hot! >> sometimes in the summertime, you want a sweet treat. >> and i want brownies! >> you don't really want to bake
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all hot, and it's just -- it's just not worth it. >> i do have a -- >> jessica has a remedy for that. >> i'm going to make brownies in the crock pot. >> yeah! >> amen! >> said brownies. that's all i need to know. >> first we take spray and spray that around the crock pot. then mix up some brownie mix in a bowl and pour that right to the crock pot. >> and you're done? >> no, one more step. >> turn two more steps. >> then we're going to add our hot water and chocolate syrup mix, and you'll pour it on top, no stirring. turn that bad boy on high. allow it to cook. >> mm. >> that's what we need. >> we have brownies! [ applause ] >> i love this part of the job. >> oh! >> ice cream. >> excuse me. this is when it comes right out
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it's almost a lava cake. >> is there anything different from what these taste like compared to the oven? >> the consistency's a little different right now. if you let them set in the fridge, they'll be the exact consistency of what you put in the oven. if you take it right out, it's more fluffy and fudgier. >> who are you calling fudgy? >> what about when it comes to cooking time? how long does it have to be inside? >> 2.5 hours. >> but i had it at a party once. one of the ladies brought them by dessert, it was ready. >> christian has had no questions for me. >> i'm too busy eating. this is almost gone. >> if you want to make this recipe at home, go to, click on tv show or go on to our mobile app. it might be the last week of the olympics, but i've got sports i want to see -- the first, elevator diving. watch this.
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>> and with a complex move, it's performed perfectly. >> stick it! stick it, stick it! >> all the judges, the gold medal going to megan from vernon, connecticut. >> yes. >> a little bit of gymnastics and diving. >> yes. >> you stick with the theme. i also want to see some roller gymnastics. check this out. this is from my favorite user name on instagram ever. that's awesome. she's showing how she practices in the gym first. practicing forward splits and heading down to the roller skate park. boom. >> that's okay. she didn't stick the first or second, how about the third? >> okay. easy enough. how about if we put a twist in there, as well? practicing again and showing how hard work pays off. i'm after time after time she tries, and then sticks it. [ cheers ] >> practice makes perfect, and that's proof right there. >> i want to do this, too. [ cheers ]
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the tiny reunion with immense love. >> hi!
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reunions on this show are generally super awesome. these two, if they don't make you cry, you don't have a heart. >> she threw down the gauntlet on that one. >> in this first video, we're in an airport. little surprise. keep an eye on this woman over here and her daughter. >> surprise! >> aww. >> little eli looks back up to his mom, and he's like, wait, is this my surprise? mom says, it's okay, hug her. watch the hug. >> missed you. >> okay! >> and -- >> what's the story?
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don't know if i can say childhood friends. they've been friends since they were born 17 months ago. they ended up having to part ways because they belong to military families. you know you have to relocate every once in a while. what the moms did was plan a weekend where they could rendezvous and spend a weekend together. they said that they had a fantastic time. they're looking forward to doing it again. this next video, we're in a school, lots of kids going back watch. >> hi! >> one in the group screams "mom!" in shock. shea haven't seen her for six months. this is their reunion. >> they are shocked when they saw her. >> hugs. >> aw. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. >> you're killing us. we also get to see the moment that mom comes home and says hello to that baby who was
2:58 pm
>> hello. >> and there's a moment there where she has to ask, do you remember me? that's got to be hard. >> yeah. oh. >> she remembers. she's like, mom, i was asleep. i had to gather my situation up. i was dreaming. okay. >> oh. this got me. that's all for today, guys. don't worry. we'll see you next time for
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>> announcer: now on "crime watch daily"... a major break in a new york cold case murder. >> the lady opened up the bags, and that is when she saw my daughter. >> announcer: her name was chanel, a brooklyn honors student dreaming of becoming a nurse. now, years shocking crime, thousands of miles away, could finally bring her suspected killer to justice. >> did you ever scream for help? he would have you killed? >> announcer: a "crime watch daily" investigation, mary murphy and saint vincent hoping to crack the case. then, a precious by gerald asleep in his bed when he is shot and killed by his own mother.


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